Measuring for Curtains and Blinds

Please use the following as a guide for measuring your window.  If you are unsure about anything at measuring_curtainsall, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are always happy to help.

Curtain length is a personal preference, there are three basic choices, sill, below sill (approximately 15cm below), or floor length.  If space allows, the track or pole is usually positioned approx 12cm (5”) above the window and 15cm (6”) either side of the window to allow the curtain to be pulled right back.

Pencil Pleat and Triple Pinch Pleat

Measure from 0.5cm above the top of the track to the required finished length (A, B or D). If you are using a pole measure from the bottom of the ring to the required length.


Measure from the top of the pole to the required finished length (A, B or D). You must have a space of at least 4cm above the pole for this heading type.


Measure from the top of your pole to the required finish length (A, B or D), this will give you the total drop of your curtain including tabs. We use a standard length of 10cm for tabs, if you require a different length please advise us when placing your order. Please bear in mind that the tabs should not finish below the top of the window.


For curtains hanging outside the window recess, the width we require is (F), the length of the track or pole (excluding the finials).  If you have a track with a centre overlap, measure the total width of the track plus the overlap size.

If your curtains are to hang inside the window recess you will need the measurements indicated by C and E.

Please note: we will add the additional amount required to the width of the curtains to allow for ‘springback’ on a pinch pleat heading.

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The standard drop of a valance is 1/6th of the curtain drop. Our quotation system defaults to this, however you can override this value if required.
Please Note: our quotation system works in centimetres only.

Measuring for Blinds

Blinds can be hung either inside or outside a recess.  If the blind is to be hung inside the recess,measuring_blinds please provide us with the recess size when placing your order.  If it is to hang outside the recess, we require the finished size of the blind.

Inside Recess

When measuring the width (C), it is advisable to measure at three seperate points just in case the walls are not square, which is more common in older houses. The drop will be the measurement from the top of the recess to the sill (B).

A roman blind made to fit inside a recess, will have an allowance of 10mm taken off the cloth size, ie 5mm each side.  For example, a blind to fit a recess of 100cm, the fabric will be 99cm wide.  We will make the allowance, so please ensure you supply us with the full recess size.

To accommodate the roller mechanism, a roller blind made to fit inside a recess will have a total allowance of 35mm taken off the cloth size.  For example, a blind to fit a recess of 100cm, the fabric will be 96.5cm wide.  We will make the allowance, so please ensure you supply us with the full recess size.

Outside Recess

Measure the width you would like your fabric to be finished at.  Please note that if you are ordering a roller blind, the fitting will be 3cm wider than the fabric width. The drop is the measurement from the point at which you will be fixing your blind, to the bottom of the blind when lowered (A).

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