Wooden Venetian Blinds


Evoking the timeless beauty of nature, wood blinds are designed to make a style statement in any room. The smooth grained timber is available in various slat sizes and come in a range of natural wood shades and contemporary painted finishes allowing for a superior styling that is pleasing to the eye.

Important Information ……….

Please ensure you are happy with the colour selection prior to placing your order – samples are available on request.

Our wooden venetian blinds are made to your exact requirements but please note that blinds ordered as inside recess, (we require your full recess width and drop), will have a deduction of 1.5cm for fitting allowance as standard.  Bay window sets or side-by-side blinds must be notified at the time of ordering with sizes for bay window sets taken as finished size.

The cord tilt control is on the left hand side with the cord lift control on the right hand side.  The head rail size for 25/35mm blind is 40mm deep x 37mm high, with the 50mm larger at 60mm x 54mm high.

Venetian Blind Wood and Size

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IMPORTANT: If hanging inside, please, give us the full width of the recess.

If hanging outside, please give us the width of the finished blind.


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